Do we deliver everywhere in Kuwait?
yes we cover all areas in Kuwait, including chalets, farms, etc.
How much time does Exotic Snax KW take to deliver once you order?
Exotic Snax Delivers orders past 11 PM to the next Day early in the morning, but orders between 9 AM - 11 PM can take between 30 mins- 2 hours based on your location, and traffic of orders. But we guarantee we treat every order as if its our own.
How are Exotic Snax KW prices compare to the market?
Exotic Snax KW offers not only the best prices in the market and the best services  catered to the needs and of our customers. We see each customer of ours as a unique customer because that's the way we like it, we target a certain niche market that has a high expectation in terms of services and price. 
Do we ship internationally? 
Yes we do, the website offers there service for it to ship where ever you are. We want our exotic snacks to reach all over the world. Whether its Kuwaiti exotic snacks or exported items we want our customers to try out every snack to reach right to its doorstep. We get a lot of orders from our neighbor countries Expedited shipping.