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"Happy Birthday" Gift card by Exotic Snax

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Whose Birthday is it?

Send him/her a gift card, thats considered a quite exotic gift because it's not for the common tongue, it's considered only for the unique.

How does it work?

You choose between the amounts that are offered.
You give us your personalized message.
You pay through KNET, MyFatoorah, etc.
We take care of sending the gift card via Email, WhatsApp, or a phone call at your desired time.

General Terms and Conditions of the Exotic Snax Gift Card

Buying and using the gift card
  • The purchase of a gift card on exoticsnaxkw.com is created by the company

    Exotic Snax, based in Kuwait City and registered in Kuwait.

  • The amount purchased on the gift card is deducted from a purchase made on the www.exoticsnaxkw.com website.
  • If the amount in the basket is greater than the amount on the gift card, the difference is paid by the person making the purchase and is to be paid directly on the site, via the available payment options.
  • The gift cards are sent by email and can be customized by the buyer. Therefore, the buyer can offer the gift card to a different person than the one specified on the website.
  • An expiry date will be indicated on the card. This will be 1 year after the purchase of the gift card on Exotic Snax.
  • Exotic Snax is not liable for the use of the gift card by any unauthorized person.
  • The gift card is non refundable, even in the case of loss of theft and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • In the case of any technical problems linked to our website whilst redeeming the gift card, and at the express request of the buyer, Exotic Snax considers the possibility of issuing a replacement code.
  • If an item is returned after a purchase via the gift card, the amount of the gift card will be refunded by issuing the buyer with a new gift card - the validity period will be 1 month, from the date of retraction.
  • Exotic Snax can not be held responsible if the gift cards is not received by the buyer due to inaccurate information provided by said buyer. The buyer always has the possibility to contact Customer Services if they realize that they have made a mistake in regards to the information indicated for billing and receipt of their gift card.
Suspected fraud
  • In case of suspected fraudulent activity with regards to the use of the gift card, Exotic Snax reserves the right to refuse its use immediately. In this case, Exotic Snax will contact the buyer to confirm the purchase.